Over the past month I have been fortunate to travel back home to Michigan and Atlanta to capture weddings.  That being said I wanted to give some insight on the travel aspect and what it means to travel light. 

First, don't over pack.  In both instances I was able to travel for an entire weekend with (1) TENBA LARGE MESSENGER BAG.  That includes all of my camera gear that I felt I needed (and there were definitely things I left at home) plus attire.

Second, wear clothing that is versatile to your travels.  You can cut down on a lot of bag space by simply wearing clothes that are versatile to different events.  One pair of jeans, two shirts, two pairs of underwear, one pair of socks, sandals and a dress shirt is plenty for an entire weekend. It's not that difficult, it's more a fear of forgetting something that causes people to extremely over pack.

Lastly, for photographers out there......the gear used for these two trips (and a couple of quick shots):  I'll have dedicated posts for each of these weddings soon, but I've attached a couple of highlight photos....

  • 1 Fuji X-T1
  • 1 Fuji X-E1
  • 1 Olympus OMD EM1
  • Olympus 12-40mm F2.8
  • Olympus 45mm F1.8
  • Fuji 18mm F2
  • Fuji 23mm F1.4
  • Fuji 35mm F1.4
  • Voigtlander 58mm F1.4 Nikon II
  • 2 X Yongnuo 560 II Flashes
  • 4 Wireless Flash Triggers (Comtrig)
  • Memory Cards

This kit covered every focal range I needed and fit in one not so large messenger bag, along with enough clothes to cover me for two days.  The next time you feel like you can't fit a weekends worth of clothes in a bag that fits under the seat of an airplane, remember you read this article!

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