Being a self-proclaimed coffee nerd, you get swept up in the number of options that face you when ordering online or ordering in general. For many, a good cup of coffee ranges from Dunkin’ Donuts to a sugar bomb known as a Starbuck’s signature drink.

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Is Starbucks the McDonald’s of coffee??

Is Starbucks the McDonald’s of coffee??

Now, I don’t want to totally denigrate Starbucks. It’s not bad, it’s not good, it serves a purpose and it’s marketed properly to be the default for people who are supposedly drinking good coffee. Over the past few years as I dive further into my coffee obsession, I discovered Trade Coffee via an Instagram ad. Needing to pickup coffee beans for the week, I clicked on the ad and decided to make a purchase. To my surprise, this is what came in my first shipment.

Trade sends you a nice welcoming package, including some basic but detailed information in regards to how to brew your coffee. Personally, I prefer a french press or pour over but for most, an auto drip coffee maker will work. If you want to brew great coffee while traveling I recommend the AeroPress - it’s great for a quick brewed, espresso like coffee on the go.

Ordering is easy, you can order via subscription or one bag at at time. They also walk you thru a matching process to find a coffee that meets your palette’s desire. I like bright, floral, acidic coffee. You may prefer a dark, chocolaty, robust brew. Either way, with a few clicks they will give you recommendations based on geography, flavor profile and so on.

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Trade will also send you text message updates to encourage you to order by offering free shipping if you order a bag within a 15 day window.


Which leads to the final portion of this article…how much? The bags of coffee run from $11 and up. You can also find rare beans such as the Geisha bean which runs upwards to a hundred dollars. All in all, if you’re a coffee nut, give Trade a chance. $16 might sound like a lot for 12 ounces of coffee but it’s a much better value than that $5 caramel frap and it tastes a hell of a lot better too. Now for some gratuitous coffee photos. If you find this helpful check me out on below and if you have a vendor you use please feel free to let me know, I”m always looking for good coffee. Happy caffeine consumption. Cheers and Happy New Year.