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GO GREEN! that is!

"GO GREEN" is a chant that many fans and alumni use to show their support for their/my beloved Michigan State University (Go Green!, Go White!).  However, this past weekend I was given an opportunity capture an event put together by an interesting company named Greenling.  Greenling is an organic food company that specializes in the delivery of local, organic produce.   The basic order local produce, they pick it up and deliver it directly to your door.  A great concept for those of you who want a very convenient way to deliver fresh, organic, local produce to your home without the adventure to Whole Foods/Central Market/etc. If you are in the DFW/HOUSTON/CENTRAL TEXAS area, I strong advise that you pay a visit to and take a look at their offerings.  To learn more about Greenling, CLICK HERE!

As for the event iteslf, it was held at Paul Quinn College.  The College actually turned their football field into a farm, which in my humble opinion is an excellent way to make use of land that would otherwise be dormant.

I'd like to thank them for the opportunity of allowing me to capture their event and look forward to using their services in the near future!

Here are a few of my personal favorites from the day..