I am not a professional photographer.  Meaning, I don't make a living taking pictures.  I respect people who choose to do this as a profession as it is not an easy process.   

I bring this point up because people often ask me, 'what do you shoot' when they see you out and about with your camera and man purse.  I generally don't have an answer that resonates with most, as my response is generally, 'I shoot events that occur in my life'.  I believe that most individuals expect a response such as, 'I shoot weddings, I shoot family portraits, I shoot senior photos, I shoot concerts, etc..'  I do these types of jobs from time to time but my passion is to simply document life.   It reflects my photographic style (if I even have one?) I suppose.  I love looking back thru album after album and reliving those moments thru photos and capturing a moment here and there that makes you appreciate the past and look forward to the future.   It's part of the reason why I enjoy my Fuji X system as it is small enough to go where I go and produces high quality images to satisfy the photographer portion. 

With that being said, I'm sharing some photos from a recent trip to San Diego.  I lived there for two years and whenever I go back to visit, I always feel the love.  More recently the San Diego brew scene has exploded, I didn't realize that there were that many breweries.  If you haven't checked out some of the fine establishments down need to.  Ballast Point, Thorn, Monkey Paw and Hess just to name a few.....Thanks to Ryan H. for the invite and to the San Diego crew for the hospitality.  Cheers until next time...

Now a few photos...

images shot with the Fuji X-E2 and Fuji 23mm F1.4 Lens