For those of your reading this, I've decided to start a Fuji X100s project called 'DIGITAL FILM'.  Some of you might ask what I mean by this but before I answer that question I want to give a few techy, not so techy nerd photography type definitions....

chimping:  checking your monitor/lcd on your camera to see your image.  example, take picture, look at it to make sure it's what you want

film:  that stuff a majority of people used to record photos on

digital:  doesn't really need a definition, if you need a definition, grab your phone, take a picture and look at it (chimp), there is your digital definition in regards to photography terms

Okay now that we have given a basis to this project I'll explain why I'm doing it.  My current kit is the Fuji X-T1 with 56mm f1.2, 23mm f1.4, 35mm f1.4 and 12mm f2.8 lenses.  All of this gear is accompanied by the Fuji X100s which currently is my everywhere, always with me camera.  It has a fixed 23mm F2 lens and is brilliant.

I recently acquired a leather case that has a LCD protective cover.  For the longest time I would simply leave this cover at home.  I mean, why would I want to cover up my cameras LCD screen? One day it struck me to put it on and from that day (about a month ago) I have left it on the camera.  Why?  It doesn't allow me to review the picture (aka chimp) after I take the photo.  Why is that important?  The answer to that question is the inspiration to this project.  Does any out there remember the joy of taking your film to the local CVS, Meijer, Rite Aid, Walgreens etc?   Remember the fascination of looking at a roll of film a couple of months after taking the photo?  It's a rush to have all those memories come back to you from a simple trip to the store. The idea is the same here and thanks to the optical viewfinder (turn off the image preview mode) on the X100s, I simply frame, compose and take the shot.  I don't worry about my exposure, I don't worry about if the photo is in focus.  I simply take the photo and move on.  Now I wouldn't do this for a critical assignment or job that I had to ensure I nailed the image (that's the advantage of digital) but for my personal work, I love that feeling of getting my 'film' back from the developer.  

Of course you could put tape on the back of your LCD to do this but that's not ideal (and why I don't do it on my Fuji X-T1).  If you're out there with a digital camera and an optical viewfinder, give this a shot, you may find it very rewarding.  Resist the urge to double check/review your images after taking a picture.  My personal opinion is that it can make you a better photographer Your focus will be directed towards capturing what you see.  It will make you think about your framing a little bit longer because you can't rely on double checking your LCD.  I think this is the idea that Leica had in mind for their new special edition camera (a $10,000 plus, rangefinder digital camera with no LCD)

Each week I'm going to try and get out and take some shots in this method.  Compose and shoot no over analyzing each picture on a 3 inch LCD, no making sure the exposure was perfect no magnifying to 200 percent to make sure that eyelash is in focus.  This is a personal project that will make me a better photographer and give me that old school feeling of picking up my film from the store (aka review the images in Capture One Pro)  

Now after all that rambling it's time for some images from week 1 of 'DIGITAL FILM'.  These photos document my day as a Spartan, watching Michigan State University beat Nebraska 27-22, GO GREEN!.  QUICK NOTE:  During this watch party ASU beat USC on a hail mary, it's great to see fans go bananas for their team!  (keep in mind that the images aren't necessarily to illustrate my technical ability as a photographer but merely to tell a story in the way that I saw it happen)

all images shot with the Fuji X100s