In the past few months, I promised myself to start photographing places that I have had good experiences at whether it be local or not so local.  Call it an editorial series, call it what you want, but the purpose is simply to show off some places that are doing it right. The series started with a trip to Vagabond in Lower Greenville, in Dallas.  You can check out that editorial HERE ( 

This post is featuring the Deep Ellum Brewery.  DEBC the recently opened a taproom/bar so that you can experience their great brews on days other than the designated tour days.  That being said, It's interesting to watch the Dallas beer scene evolve and since going to DEBC on one of their opening weekends, it's always a positive thing to see it turn into what it has become.  DEBC still runs their Saturday tours but with the addition of the Taproom, you can grab a delicious glass of DEBC beer any day of the week.  

Here's to the growth of the local breweries here in Dallas and if you haven't checked out DEBC's new Taproom, here are a few images from.  For more information about DEBC - Check out their website here...  Cheers!

shot with the Fuji X100s