Not a lot of editing here, just a handful of photos from home.  East Lansing and Michigan State University has meant a lot to me.  I could say it's where I discovered who I was, created a handful of lifelong friendships and relationships.  The photos are just simply to document the trip but I can't say enough about the campus in the fall, it's beautiful.  

Val, Karsun and I wish we could be there to see the Spartans take on the Buckeyes, but there will be another time for that.  It was a nice victory over our rivals, the University of Michigan (35-11).  Hopefully in about 6 hours I'll be celebrating another big win over Ohio State!  GO GREEEEEEEEEEENNNN!

all images shot with the Fuji X100s, Fuji X-T1, Fuji 23mm F1.4 and Fuji 56mm F1.2