While Saginaw, MI is my home town, I also consider East Lansing to be my second home, so to speak.  I can't express the importance of some of the relationships that I have maintained and procured from my time there.  For me, it truly is a  special place and it was fantastic to spend a weekend back in town to celebrate Alexia and Ryan's wedding.  Alexia is someone that has carried over from my home to my second home as we both went to high school and college together.  Ryan, her husband, is a great dude and together they make a great pair.  I'll post a few pictures from the wedding ceremony at some point but for now these photos document the weekend as a whole.

Beautiful wedding, awesome people, great family and a fantastic time.  

Cherish your friends, family and anything that is important to you.  Your life is a collection of experiences that lead, guide, and shape you.  Without those experiences you would not be who you are today.  Simple solution if you aren't happy with your path, change your experiences and find a balance between living for yourself and living for others.  Weekends like this remind me of that balance and I am thankful to have experienced what I have so far in this life.  Cheers.

Shot with the Fuji X-T1, Fuji 23mm F1.4, Fuji 56mm F1.2 and Leica Leitz 90mm F2

east lansing and friends