If you've stumbled about this page, my assumption is that you are interested in my work.  I consider myself a photographer but not in the sense of what that means to a lot of people out there in the world.

My interest in photography stems from my upbringing.  I didn't necessarily grow up with much and what I did have, it wasn't dedicated towards spending $8 on getting a roll of film developed.  When I "grew up" (I still don't know if I have) , what I realized is that I was missing photos and memories from certain points in my life.   In looking thru a scrapbook there is about an 8 year gap in which I had very few photos to look back upon.  On Spring break in the year 2000, I found a Canon Elph 2 film camera in a bathroom (sorry for whomever camera that was) and started taking photos.  I was never taking photos with the vision that I wanted to be a professional, but I took them to remember my experiences and life. That camera broke a couple of years later but what it did provide was an entry point (I didn't have $300 for camera like that back then).  In 2002 I bought a Sony Mavica FD digital camera from eBay, my first digital camera.  It used floppy disks to record images, I believe it was a .2 megapixel camera, not 2, but .2.  I would take that thing to the bar, to work, to any event and it looked pretty silly.  It looked like a gigantic polaroid camera.  Nonetheless, I was hooked.  

Over the years, I've gone thru several cameras but the first introduction to a "SLR" was the Canon EOS Rebel XT. I bought this camera from an employer of mine along with a kit lens and started educadting myself along the way.  I shot my first wedding in 2009 and have become more proficient over the years developing my style. 

The reason for this quick history is to help you understand my style and my approach to photos.  I take jobs on a very limited basis as I don't have aspirations to be a 'PRO' photographer but  I choose equipment that allows me to capture moments and memories.  It's important to relive those moments as I relive moments every time I go thru my own personal work.

If you need someone to shoot magazine cover photography then I'm not your person.  If you need someone to do what wedding photographers refer to as, "grip and grins" then I'm not your person.  I profess in my own little world that I am a reportage style photographer. I document things.  My goal is a photographer is to not stage events, and to let things simply happen.  To be an observer versus a director, to be as invisible as possible.  I have the technical ability to shoot 'traditional' shots and by all means for your wedding day or event we can take a very limited number of those discussed shots.  However, my primary goal is to be a fly on the wall and tell a story about your family, your event, your life, the same way in which I have captured my own life thru photos. 

If you you'd like to discuss your event shoot me an email by using the contact page, or if you want to talk about gear, consult about selecting a photographer for your needs (in the event that I'm not the one) I'd love to hear from you.